Tile Flashing System Backed By IAPMO

IAPMO UES – the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials tests and evaluates products via their Uniform Evaluation Service to verify and confirm code compliance. This evaluation lets building and safety jurisdictions know that products being installed in, or on, a building have been thoroughly evaluated and tested to ensure that the rules, code enforcement, and best practices regulating building construction are being adhered to.


For an installer, the benefits in selecting a product backed by IAPMO are many, with the most important being:

  • Informed decision making
  • Trusted by code officials, architects, and engineers
  • Confidence in knowing that selected products have gone through a detailed compliance assessment
  • Saves time and money by shortening the approval process (condensed information, simplified permit issuance)

It’s with this knowledge that EcoFasten Solar is thrilled to have had another product in our line of patented, watertight solar roof mounts backed by IAPMO….our Tile Flashing System.

Collage_Tile Systems

Receiving the IAPMO “stamp of approval” means that the system was evaluated with structural and water penetration criteria being assessed, to comply with the 2012 International Building Code® (IBC), 2012 International Residential Code (IRC), 2009 International Building Code®, and 2009 Residential Building Code, in accordance with IAPMO ES evaluation criteria for Joist Hangers and Miscellaneous Connectors (EC002-2014).

View the report here:  Tile Flashing System IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Report

The Tile Flashing System was designed specifically for use on new or retrofit tile roofs and is available in 3 options for flat, “W” and “S” profiles.  The system replaces one complete tile, eliminating the need for cutting, drilling, grinding, or replacing of tiles.  Multiple fastener points in the system’s base plate allow for attachment into the rafter, regardless of flashing alignment.

Attachment to the roof deck with as little as two lag bolts, results in an extremely fast and easy installation.  An optional second flashing at the roof deck is available for jurisdictions that demand.  3rd party tested for pullout and shear.

The embossed cone-shape stamped into the underside of the flashing is fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing, creating our patented, watertight compression seal when paired with a compatible EcoFasten Solar compression bracket.

L-102-3 - Copy  L-102-6 - Copy SCL-101-3 - Copy  Z-101 - Copy

When using a 3rd party L-Foot with our system, the use of our CP-SQ-Slotted Adaptor Plate will ensure you’re still getting our signature compression fitting.

CP-SQ-Slotted - Copy

Interesting in learning more? You can view the complete Tile Flashing System Product Guide. We also encourage you to email us with any questions, or give us a call at 877.859.3947 – we always love hearing from others in the industry.

You can also request your free sample, and see for yourself why the top 3 installers in the U.S. rely on us.





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