A Tile Flashing System that’s fast AND easy to install? Yeah, we’ve got that.

You know the drill.  You’ve gone through it countless times.  Mounting solar panels to a tile roof can be quite a hassle – all the cutting, drilling, grinding and replacing of tiles….it’s never ending, and it’s an additional liability for solar installers.  Not to mention the incredible amount of time it adds to an overall installation. It would be a much welcome, long overdue relief if there was a superior tile flashing system out there that eliminates the time and added effort the current systems require.

Tile hooks just don’t work the way they need to, and they take a good chunk of your time to install; the team at EcoFasten Solar® knows this, because we’ve tried them.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a system that would eliminate the guesswork, the rework, and the frustration?

Stress Free








We are thrilled to share the latest launch in our ever-growing line of products – the Flat Tile Flashing System.  A system with aluminum flashing that replaces one complete tile, that has been extensively tested for pullout and shear, and that attaches to the roof deck with as little as 2 lag bolts.  It literally couldn’t be easier.


Multiple fastener holes in the system’s base plate allow for attachment into the rafter, regardless of the flashing alignment.  The embossed cone-shape stamped into the flashing and fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing creates a watertight seal when paired with an EcoFasten Solar® compression bracket.

As with all of our products, the Flat Tile Flashing System meets or exceeds all roofing industry best practices, and was engineered to be rugged, versatile, simple and secure.  Since the company was founded by a former roofer with decades of experience, EcoFasten Solar® is the company that was born to bridge the gap between the people who design the solar arrays and the people who install them.

We will be launching additional profile Tile Flashing Systems in the coming weeks, so keep an eye and ear out for future news and updates.  In the meantime, we wanted to keep you as up to date as possible, in order to help you get back some of that precious time (after all, time = $$).

For more information send us an email us at info@ecofastensolar.com

Oh, and be sure to stop by Intersolar booth #9033 to request your free sample, and to take a look at the Flat Tile Flashing System installed.  We have a feeling you’re really going to like what you see, and will be as excited to start using them, as we are to be manufacturing them.


Industry leader EcoFasten Solar designs, engineers, and manufactures patented, watertight solar roof mounts. The company provides mounting solutions that are easy to install, cost-effective, rugged in fabrication, and unsurpassed in quality. Comprised of a seasoned and growing team of professionals with talent, ability, and drive, all EcoFasten Solar products are precision-designed with the installer in mind. 

The Flat Tile Flashing System is Patent Pending.


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