Simple Seal & PP145: a Solution so Simple, a Concept so Grand

At Alpine SnowGuards, we’re always innovating. One of the greatest innovations over the past 25 years has been Simple Seal. A solution so simple, yet a concept so grand, that it’s specified and utilized time and time again when installing snow management systems on metal roofs.

Simple Seal Helps Maintain Roof Integrity

So, what exactly is it? Simple Seal is a cone shaped EPDM rubber bushing that was designed specifically to fit into the milled countersinks on the underside of our PP145 brackets. When the system is fastened to the roof, a proprietary watertight compression seal is formed. Like all of the products in our line, will maintain the integrity of the roof without voiding roofing manufacturer’s warranties.

Simple Seal EPDM Rubber Bushings

The assembled view above shows how it all fits together. Simple, right? I’m sure you’re asking yourself, yeah, but is it easy to install? Good news – it is! Because the system attaches directly to the roof deck, installing it is a breeze.

PP145 Attaches to Roof Deck for Easy Installation

Check out the install animation and see for yourself:

Client Project Images

These PP145 install photos show it does the job it was engineered to do.











Three Configurations Compatible with Ice Flags

We designed 3 configurations: two-pipe, three-pipe, and two hi-pipe. The PP145 is compatible with the use of ice flags. Internal couplings, end collars and end caps are also available. It’s all made right here in our facility, in Morrisville, Vermont (right next to Stowe, for anyone who’s ever been skiing here).

On top of that, the aluminum PP145 is available in mill finish (our standard option). The system can also be powder coated using RAL TIGER Drylac® exterior colors to match the roofing material.

Accurate & Appropriate Product Data

Roofers, general contractors and installers appreciate the ease of install, and straightforward approach of the PP145. Architects and engineers appreciate the accurate graphics we’ve had developed in BIM objects. Appropriate product data added to each BIM object saves a significant amount of time on product research and data entry.

PP145 Product Pages

If you’d like to learn more about the PP145 snow management system, you can visit the product page on our website. Additionally, feel free to browse all of our corrugated metal roof and standing seam (clamp-to-seam) roof snow guards – with over 50 systems in our product line-up, as well as custom projects always in the hopper, Alpine SnowGuards really is your one stop shop for all things snow guards!

If you have any questions, just let us know – that’s what we’re here for! If a sample would be helpful, we’ll send one out, no problem.

We keep snow in its place

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