A Rooftop Revolution

This past Tuesday was a cold December day in Vermont, but not so cold that you couldn’t handle being outside for a couple hours.  We reached 20° by 10am, and the hour drive from our facility in Morrisville to the 1000th residential SunCommon installation in Barre went pretty quickly.

We were invited to this coveted event because one of our solar roof mount systems, GreenFasten™ was used on the install.  Our systems and components are made from recycled materials in Morrisville, Vermont, and this local partnering of products and services was a part of what this day was about.

The roads were void of snow and ice (but not of the dreaded Vermont potholes), and our super outgoing, always jovial EcoFasten Solar Project Manager, Graham, was nice enough to drive (I won’t lie, I may have left some permanent finger prints in the dashboard of his car after almost missing a few turns that the Garmin lady didn’t tell us about until the very last minute).

Peck Solar Installation Professional on the Homeowner’s roof

We arrived in high style (not really) 20 minutes before the celebration was set to kick off.  Hats, gloves, winter coats, and boots covering everything but our faces, which was actually a pretty neat way to celebrate an event that was all about the sun. I personally think one of the coolest things to see as we pulled up was the fleet of cookie cutter SunCommon hybrid Toyota Priuses lining both sides of the road in front of the home.  In fact, we tried to park at the end of one row and were ushered away with a tap on the window, a somewhat serious smile, and a “move it” nod of the head.  OK, OK, we get it….this was a great photo op and we almost ruined it with a navy blue car, which would stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise perfectly aligned photo.  Funny, because we were armed with our camera, and as the Marketing arm of EcoFasten, this should’ve occurred to at least 2 of us without having to be told.  Must be the frigid air was skewing our rationale….

SunCommon hybrid fleet

James Moore, co-founder of SunCommon started the ceremony, the entire team literally backing him up, with a well-composed (and funny) speech, making light of the fact that it was tough to repeatedly say the words “one thousandth”, to which we all chuckled in agreement.  He went on to say, “SunCommon launched two years ago with a mission to tear down the barriers to solar, making it easy and affordable for all Vermonters….Vermont homeowners are building our clean energy future on their roofs, all the while keeping their energy dollars in the local economy.  This is a rooftop revolution, and we are proud to be a part of it.”  Well said, James.  Well said.

James Moore, co-founder of SunCommon

Let’s be honest; it’s really all about the people behind solar stories like this.  The families who go solar, who invest in renewables, and who make the commitment to create a better future for themselves, and for generations to come.  In attendance were SunCommon’s very 1st residential customers, Chris and Melissa Pierce, as well as their 1000th residential customers, Stephen and Micki Woodruff.

1st customer
Melissa and Chris Pierce, 1st SunCommon residential install
1000th customer
Micki and Stephen Woodruff, 1000th SunCommon residential install

Peck Electric Solar Division, another Vermont Company, was handling the installation (they handle all of SunCommon’s installs), and so a team of professional installers were there, along with company President Jeff Peck, who spoke to the crowd.  Graham Rae, from EcoFasten Solar was also asked to speak at the event, and was accompanied by members of our Marketing team.

Peck Electric Solar Division Installation Crew
Jeff Peck, President, Peck Electric Solar Division
Graham Rae, Project Manager, EcoFasten Solar

Patricia Moulton, Secretary of Vermont’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development was also there, and shared with all of those in attendance some job creations stats that these 1000 installations have powered.  “From farming to tourism, we’re proud of Vermont’s diverse economy.  Vermont has the highest percent of green jobs….through the installation of these 1000 home solar systems, SunCommon has brought $30 million into the local, green energy sector that would have otherwise been spent on dirty or out-of-state energy.”  And we know no one likes dirty energy.

Patricia Moulton, Secretary of Vermont’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development

All of us at EcoFasten Solar are so stoked, and so proud to be a part of this “rooftop revolution”.  To know that we are doing our part in producing a cleaner tomorrow, while helping to create jobs, supporting our local community, and the solar community as a whole is a pretty good feeling.

Our GreenFasten™ is the system that was used for the install on the Woodruff’s composition shingle roof, and it is also the system the top 3 installers in the country rely on time and again.  The watertight properties, the simple, yet secure design, the fast, easy install for the Peck crew, the cost-effectiveness of the system, along with the fact that we engineer and manufacture all of our products in Vermont were key factors in the partnering of our solar roof mounts with the 1000th installation.


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