A Grapevine Doesn’t Only Yield Grapes

“The grapevine”; I don’t think many people know where the saying originally comes from.  Most of us (including yours truly) know it from the Marvin Gaye song, but that’s about it.  In actuality, the saying was coined during the Civil War, when telegraph wires resembling coiled grapevines were strung from the treetops that spanned battlefields, giving Army intelligence a speedier, more effective way to communicate.

But there was an issue – turns out that the messages transmitted through the lines were, more often than not, inaccurate, skewed or confusing, so it wasn’t long before people started referring to any inaccurate story as having come “through the grapevine”.

One of the best stories we’ve heard through the grapevine recently?  It’s about us!



(Ahhh – the vineyard on the right reminds me of Tor “Solar Fred” Valenza’s recent blog about his solar bike trek through Italy).

The word on the street is that EcoFasten Solar and Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards are under new ownership.  Nothing could be further from the truth, so imagine our surprise when we heard the news!

As a member of this team, rich with talent and dedicated to the nth degree, I can attest to the fact that there is not a new person at the helm, and that the founder and president, Brian Stearns, is probably the most involved head of an organization you will ever see.

On any given day you might find Brian in a meeting in our boardroom, answering phones and fielding customer service calls, giving product demonstrations to staff, on a flight to meet with a customer, out in our manufacturing facility manning one of our machines for hours on end, talking shop with our engineering crew about our next product….you name it, he does it, and he loves every minute of it (you can tell by the smile that never seems to leave his face).


EcoFasten Solar is happy to be a part of the solar community as a leading manufacturer of solar roof mounts, and we wanted to let you know before the grapevine reaches you, that we under the same ownership and are still producing top of the line products that will help ensure a fast, easy and hassle-free install.

Our new EcoFasten Solar website is live and fully functional – it’s a great resource for questions you may have about our productshow they work, and about us.  The streamlined navigation and updated product images include exploded views, and will be an enormous help when deciding what system is ideal for your project.

We have a solution for all roof types, new or retrofit, residential and commercial.

Email us anytime with questions at info@ecofastensolar.com


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