8 New Systems That Will Save You Money and Time!

Last week we were in Broomfield, Colorado, exhibiting at the Beacon Roofing Supply Product Expo! It was there that we launched our newest snow management solutions, Alpine SafeGuard and Alpine SnowPad.

The need for these new systems grew out of a demand, and a higher level of understanding of what our clients are looking for in the snow management systems they use. Price always seems to be “the biggy”, and we completely understand that, so when we engineered these new systems, the price factor was top of mind, along with durability and ease-of-use.

The first of the 2 new product lines is Alpine SafeGuard, a fence-style system that’s offered at unbeatable pricing, due to pared down components that keep in line with the rugged fabrication you’ve come to expect from us. Added to that is versatility.

Versatility? That’s right – Alpine SafeGuard was designed for use on most roof types! By utilizing a base plate and bracket, or a flashing/bracket combo that employ a proprietary compression sealing method, we are happy to offer the following options:

Let’s break it down by roof type:

Alpine SafeGuard – Composition Shingle 


The secret to this one is the GreenFasten™ flashing, which is manufactured by our sister company, EcoFasten Solar. There is an embossed cone shape in the GreenFasten flashing, which is fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing. When paired with a compression bracket with a milled countersink on the underside, a compression fit, watertight seal is created (you can see how the technology works in this video of a solar install using the GreenFasten flashing). GreenFasten is backed by IAPMO certification.


A 6” x 12” base plate facilitates installation on shingle roofing when hitting a rafter is not always an option.

Alpine SafeGuard – Corrugated Metal


When it comes to corrugated metal roofing, we’ve designed the ASG CORRUGATED-SIM to incorporate our patented, watertight compression technology. The milled countersinks in the underside of the bracket accept our Simple Seal bushings, which, when compressed through tightening, create an impermeable moisture barrier (much like our PP145 two-or-three-pipe system for metal roofing).

Alpine SafeGuard – Membrane Roofing


The 5.5” x 6” stainless steel base plate was engineered specifically for low-slope/membrane roofing and was designed for attachment to wood blocking or wood decking, while the base plate utilizes 2 studs for attachment.

Alpine SafeGuard – Slate


The 6” x 18” stainless steel base plate replaces a complete slate while providing a sturdy attachment point.

Alpine SafeGuard – Synthetic Slate


“BPF” – what does that stand for? Base Plate and Flashing.

Designed for installation on synthetic slate roofing, the matte black 12″ x 18″ flashing offers an additional layer of water protection. This system can also be used on SIPs panel applications.

Each of these roof type configurations accept ice flags, as well as an optional color insert strip to match the roofing material.

For metal standing seam roofing applications, you’ll want to check out our fence-style Alpine SimpleGuard.

Introducing Alpine SnowPad

When it comes to pad-style snow guards, we’ve noticed that there’s a void in the marketplace for pad-style designs that are wide enough (2 3/8”) and tall enough (2 5/16”) to be used on multiple applications effectively (especially synthetic slate), while also managing snow and ice in a controlled fashion.

When the President of Alpine SnowGuards and our amazingly talented engineering department started working on the Alpine SnowPad, they decided to change it up a bit by adding the unique “cup” shape to the pad, for exceptional snow management through an aesthetically pleasing design feature that will complement any roof.

We have 2 configurations available, one for use on composition shingle, slate, synthetic slate and tile roofing, and another for use on metal roofing. Offered in 2 material compositions (cast aluminum or fiber-reinforced plastic), as well as multiple powder coating color options.

Alpine SnowPad – Composition Shingle / Slate / Synthetic Slate / Tile


By utilizing rib-stiffening technology, the strap of the ALPINE SP-SHINGLE is rendered extremely rugged and virtually unbendable. The pad is an attractive, functional, and secure design for those seeing a wider, taller pad profile.

The cast aluminum option can be ordered in standard mill finish, or powder coated using RAL TIGER Drylac® Exterior colors to match your roofing material, and the fiber-reinforced plastic option is available in black.

Alpine SnowPad – Corrugated Metal


Not only is the design unique, the ALPINE SP-METAL is also unique in the fact that there is no strap to this design. The milled countersink on the underside of the pad accepts our Simple Seal bushing (included) , which, when compressed, creates a watertight compression seal.

If you’d like to ask us any questions or would like additional information on either system, please give us a call at 888.766.4273 or send us an email – that’s what we’re here for!

We keep snow in its place



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