62 Useful Topics For Solar Installers

Over the past 2 years, a number of posts have appeared on the blog that’s shared by EcoFasten Solar and our sister company Alpine SnowGuards….blogs relating to the solar industry, solar in general, mounting solutions, bracket options, solar snow management, links to animation videos, and everything in between. Last week, right as the 2015 tradeshow season was coming to a close for us, I took a look back through those blogs, and realized that there have been over 80 posts to date! Many are educational, others are useful, and some are funny. And they’ve ALL been fun to write!


It’s exciting to know that we’ve generated so much helpful content! Exciting too, that, as the industry grows and changes, so do we, not only as a company, but as individuals too. To be able to look back, and see what was happening when, from a perspective you won’t see anywhere else, is such a gift, and with Trick-or-Treating only 4 days away, here’s a treat for you….


Below you’ll find links to some of these blogs – the ones that still hold relevance anyway (i.e.: not about an upcoming tradeshow, or a tradeshow we just returned from). Take a look, and if there are any that interest you, take a further look! The movers and shakers at EcoFasten have become an authoritative voice in both the solar roof mount and snow management industries, and that’s mostly due to the fact that our founder and President is a former roofer himself, and has spent decades on the roof, and everyone he hires to work with him carries their own wealth of knowledge. There’s no other way to say it – we know (and like) what we’re doing, and you can tell by our innovative designs.

So, without further ado, below is a listing of posts that I thought would be the most beneficial for all you installers out there – after all, without you, where would we be? I’ll tell you exactly where….sitting around talking about solar, looking up at roofs jabbering on about how great solar would be on rooftops, and in machine shops and factories, producing product no one knows what to do with.

Take a look, and if you like what you see, let us know! If there’s something you don’t see, that you’d like to, let us know that, too! We want to continue passing along what we know, and most importantly, what you WANT to know.

Here you go!

  1. SimpleGrip: An All New Low-Slope Solution
  2. Compression: That’s What It’s All About
  3. Top Tips For Mounting PV On Tile (This one was the spawn of a “Top Tips” webinar hosted by Solar Power World, including EcoFasten for tile roofing, SunModo for metal roofing, and IronRidge for comp shingle roofing)
  4. A Bracket Guide For You – The Solar Installer
  5. New England: Solar Jobs On The Rise
  6. Install Video [Tile Flashing System]: It Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This (anyone in Marketing knows blog titles aren’t supposed to be this long!)
  7. DIY: DON’T Install Yourself
  8. The Countdown Is On: EcoFasten Solar To Launch Rock-It System At Intersolar (Another long title!)
  9. 4 Common Problems That May Be Hanging Out On Your Roof
  10. Smart Standing Seam Solutions
  11. Taking Charge Of Conduit
  12. How to Speed Up Your Installs with GreenFasten
  13. Join the Ranks of (Almost) a Million Other Homeowners
  14. The World Really IS Flat (a look at the top 5 countries in terms of installed solar PV)
  15. The Proof on the Roof (installation images)
  16. Changing the Game (Baseball related….and who doesn’t love baseball??)
  17. Tile Flashing System Backed by IAPMO
  18. For the Love of Metal
  19. The Integrity of the Roof
  20. Worth a Thousand Words
  21. 3 Ways to Stop Energy Costs from Going Through the Roof
  22. Tile Installs Taking Way Too Long?
  23. More Interesting Facts About Solar Power
  24. Winter Storm Juno – Not Your Gutters BFF
  25. A Marriage of Sun and Snow
  26. Running Interference for Solar
  27. 6 Celebs Who Support Solar
  28. New Year, New Photos to Share
  29. A Rooftop Revolution
  30. Solar in the Green Mountains
  31. Ancient Green Architecture
  32. Don’t Overlook Solar Snow Management
  33. A SIPs Solution
  34. Your Après SPI Planner: 11 Things to Do in Vegas for Under $20 (yes, technically about a tradeshow, but a fun resource for those planning a visit – and not wanting to go broke while you’re there)
  35. Winterize Your Roof in 10 Easy Steps
  36. 8 Interesting Facts About Solar Power (this post was #3 on Renewable Energy World’s Top 10 Blogs of 2014!!)
  37. Installation Photos: A Solution for Every Roof Type
  38. The Fastest Install in the Industry (a true story)
  39. QuikFoot: Roof Mount Also Ideal for Coastal Locations
  40. Brackets Galore: An Installers Guide
  41. Stop Wondering: Find Out What Snow Guard is Right for You
  42. The History of the Power of Solar
  43. 6 Common Roofing Questions Answered
  44. Discover Solar Snow Management Before the Snow Flies
  45. 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Solar Installer
  46. A Universal Mounting Solution got Corrugated Metal? Check!
  47. All New Alpine SnowGuards Website: Designed with Roofing Contractors in Mind
  48. The Proof is on the Roof: Installation Images
  49. Do I Really Need an Annual Roof Inspection?
  50. A Grapevine Doesn’t Only Yield Grapes
  51. Installations Taking Far Too long? Discover the EcoFasten Difference
  52. A Tile Mounting Solution That’s Fast AND Easy to Install? Yeah, We’ve Got That.
  53. You Have Got to See These Rooftops!
  54. “Synthetic Shake-Up”
  55. Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home (and Your Wallet)
  56. Sometimes You Just Want to See Photos!
  57. Especially for Earth Day….Amazing Arrays
  58. The Endangered Roof: What to Look Out For
  59. Did You Know? The Sequel.
  60. The EcoFasten Solar Team Has Exciting News to Share!
  61. Did You Know?
  62. Is Snow Avalanching Off Your Solar Panels?





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