50+ Snow Management Solutions for ALL Roof Types

What makes Alpine SnowGuards the industry leader in snow management?

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Brian Stearns, the President and Founder of Alpine SnowGuards started his roofing career in the slate roofing industry in the 1970’s.  As his career expanded, Brian began making his own snow guards due to the fact that he couldn’t find a design rugged enough for the slate roofing projects he was working on in areas of the country, even around the world, that experienced heavy snow loads. (That’s Brian, on the left below, on a slate roofing job he consulted on in Japan).


Other contractors started asking Brian where he was getting these newly engineered fabrications, and the rest, as they say, is history….

Pad-Style Snow Guards


Pad-style snow guards add friction to a frictionless surface, preventing a sudden avalanche of ice and snow. Traditional pad-style snow guards feature our “fish head” design which provides optimum strength while maintaining aesthetic integrity. Since our pad-style snow guards are riveted, there is no risk of unfolding, and their low profile is the ideal snow management solution for residential and commercial applications alike. There is a pad-style snow guard for every roof type, for both new and existing (retrofit) roofs, and in many style and color options to please even the most discerning taste. (Shown above left: PD40 Pad-Style Snow Guard. Show above right: PD10 Pad-Style Snow Guards installed at Yale University. Image from Ernest Peterson, Inc.).

Pipe-Style Snow Guards


Pipe-style snow guards act as a barricade system, preventing large chunks of snow and ice from sliding off a roof. Precision engineering is what makes our pipe-style snow guards not only extremely durable, but beautiful as well. Our pipe-style snow guard assortment includes two-pipe and three-pipe snow retention systems, as well as several height adjustable bracket options to accommodate a wide range of roof pitches. Originally used for commercial applications, many homeowners are now choosing pipe-style snow guards when making a conscious decision to protect the areas immediately surrounding their homes from falling snow and ice. (Shown above: PP225 Adjustable Three-Pipe System. Image from Hayden Building Maintenance Corp.).

Fence-Style Snow Guards


Fence-style snow guards act as a barricade system, preventing large chunks of snow and ice from sliding off a roof. We designed our fence-style snow retention systems, SnowMax and Solar SnowMax to be the strongest fence-style snow guards on the market. Fast and easy to install with bracket spacing up to 48” on center, our fence-style snow guards are fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum, resulting in an extremely sturdy product. Available in attachment options suitable for all metal roof types, as well as for membrane roofs and even for solar arrays, our SnowMax line of products deliver the finest in snow guard solutions. (Shown above left: SnowMax-Standing Seam Fence-Style System. Shown above right: SnowMax-Standing seam installed with optional color insert strip in grooved front to match roofing material. Image from Valor Systems, LLC).

 Solar Snow Management


Managing snow on solar arrays is an important, yet often overlooked consideration. Since solar panels are fabricated of glass, their surface is slick. Add snow to that surface, and that heavy accumulated mass will eventually release and come barreling off like an avalanche, putting people, pets, landscaping and anything directly below your roof, in danger.

Managing the snow accumulation on your solar array will slow the movement of the snow, helping to prevent avalanches from occurring in the first place. Installing snow management solutions that were specifically designed for use on solar arrays will allow ice and snow to melt and shed off the array in a controlled manner, instead of releasing suddenly, and all at once. Because of the sheer weight of all that built up snow, it’s imperative that the snow management system you choose is structurally sound, and rugged in fabrication, like Solar SnowMax, Solar SnowMax-R2, and Solar Snow Pad. (Shown above: Solar SnowMax-R2 alone and installed. Image on right from NRG Home Solar).

I hope this post was informative and helpful. You can always feel free to email us or call us with any questions at all….that’s what we’re here for.

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