4 Projects You Shared with Us [Installation Images]

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, as I know many of you are, you know that every few months we have new project installation images to share with our readers. And this time it’s no different – with a slew of our clients sending us their project and installation photos, I’m sure you can imagine how hard it must be to choose just 3-4 to showcase here.

It’s almost Q4, and if you’re like us, many of you are in the clutches of an extremely busy remainder of the year. In fact, our numbers are way up already this year, with no signs of dropping, and we know we have YOU to thank for that. So, thank you. Thank you for sending us great images year after year. Thank you for your continued support and partnership, and thank you, truly, for choosing Alpine SnowGuards as your go-to snow management solution provider.

Now, on with the show….

Namasté Solar in Denver, CO installed this absolutely monstrous 97.2kW residential solar array! Two solar snow management solutions were selected to help manage the heavy Denver snowfall.

On the eave-edge of the array, Solar SnowMax-R2 was installed (install animation can be viewed here). The R2 is a frame-mounted solar snow guard that’s fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum for ultimate strength. The 2” taller bar system is a proven solution that’s been used in the conventional snow guard market for well over 20 years. The R2 is the largest snow fence option, developed for clients who require a higher fence on the eave.

For additional snow management, Solar SnowMax-Standard was installed on the upslope tiers of the array (install animation is here). The Standard version is also frame-mounted and is installed in the horizontal joints between tiers upslope of the array eave edge. The shorter, 1” bar is ideal for managing upslope snow. Both systems feature a groove on the front side of the bar, which accepts a black color insert strip to match black panel frames.

Alpine urges you to get your solar snow management orders in as soon as possible – come Fall we want to make sure we can provide you with the parts and quantities you need to complete your projects efficiently, and on time.

The PP225 three-pipe system is height adjustable to 39°, allowing for ease of install and a custom setting to accommodate varying roof pitches.

You can see the PP225 in action above, in this amazing photo from Titan Roofing in Albany, NY. The system was ordered in brass with brass accessories to bring an upscale look to, and to maintain the historical integrity of this slate roof at Yale University. On the right side of the roof in the center of the photo, you can see the PP225’s that were installed previously, and are already patinaed. We can’t wait to see an updated photo once the new install catches up with the old.

Want to see how easy it is to install? Check out the install animation of this super rugged system.

Thanks again, Titan – You guys always come through with great images!

Skyway Roofing, also in Albany, NY, sent us this beauty! Membrane roofing has met its match with the PP115 two-or-three pipe snow guard (I’ve written in the past about the PP115, and how it’s installed on many hi-profile buildings). Optional Ice Flags were also installed on this project to provide additional surface area, which translates to additional snow management properties.

The PP115 was designed to install directly onto wood blocking or metal decking. A client-supplied target patch, to match the roofing material, bolts between the 6” x 8” base plate and the bracket, forming a watertight, compression-sealed barrier.

You can see the install animation here.

Thanks, Skyway – looks great!

Brooklyn’s Of Possible Architectures sent me this photo of our ASG4025 two-pipe snow guard for metal standing seam roofing. Featuring a centered flag for balanced aesthetics, the ASG4025 can be used in-line with the ASG4000, as height, width, depth and pipe placement are identical.

Powder coating is available on this clamp-to-seam system that’s forged from a single block of recycled aluminum. The 3 oval-point set screws create a secure attachment point without penetrating the roofing material and without voiding panel manufacturer’s warranties. The ¼” construction is double the industry standard, in order to reduce twisting.


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